Dr. Sweetland Appearances
Dr. Sweetland is a highly sought speaker by special interest groups, agencies, and organizations
around the country. She has presented to more than 5,000 people and enjoys the diversity of
large group training as much as small group presentations.
The following are some of the topics she speaks about:
Teaching Kids to Think in the Instant Gratification Generation
The Top 5 Ways to Raise Independent, Considerate, and Thoughtful Children
Celebrate Mistakes! It Promotes Brain Development and Confidence
Are We Providing Children What They Really Need to Succeed?: Why Focusing on GPA  and     
Honors Classes May Hinder Your Child’s Success
It is More Than the Academic Resume: What the Experts Say are the Most Important Predictors
of College Success
The Phones Might Be Smart, But What About Us?: How to Use Technology to Help Not  Hinder
Development in Children
How to Keep Up With Your Children on Social Media: What Are the Limits, Should You  Spy, and
How to Engage Your Children to Talk with You About It
Will My Child Be Ready to Launch?: How to Prepare Your Children to Leave Home with
My Child Did Not Leave Home Confidently: What Do I Do Now?
Understanding Educational Testing: What Does It Mean for an Individualized Education  Plan?
What Do Those Scores Mean?: Learning How to Interpret the Scores in a School  Assessment
My Child Learns Differently: Understanding Learning Disorders, ADHD, and Social  Skills
Dual Diagnosis: Developmental Disability and Mental Health
The Clinical Complications of Dual Diagnosis: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Cross Systems 
Understanding Dual Diagnosis: The Unique Considerations for this Specialty Population
Thinking Outside the Box: Adapting Interventions for People Who are Dually Served
Identifying Common Clinical Diagnoses and Understanding How They Are Different for People
with Developmental Disorders (DSM V and DM-ID)
Behavior Strategies: A New Way of Looking at Behavioral Challenges for Individuals  with Dual
Adapting Traditional Therapy for Individual with Developmental Disorders

Teaching Kids to Think addresses the unique challenges of raising children and teens in the Instant Gratification Generation. There are countless challenges parents undergo while raising their children in a world filled with smartphones, immense academic pressure, and social media. It’s understandable that parents want to help their children succeed in any way they can, but toeing the line between simply helping and full-on rescuing can be difficult to navigate. This generation of children and teens has grown up with very little need to wait for anything. Not only do they expect instant solutions to their challenges, but they are also increasingly dependent on adults. Parents are doing more for their children than ever before and technology has advanced in such a way the conveniences are no longer the exception, but the rule. Five parent traps are identified in Teaching Kids to Think that cause adults to unknowingly increase their children's need for instant gratification, and offer practical tips to teach children to be confident, independent, thoughtful, and ready to enter the adult world.  
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San Diego Union Tribune
Apps are constantly being developed that allow people to communicate their thoughts and feelings with others. In most cases these social networking tools help bring people together and promote positive interactions. Unfortunately, many of the newer ones encourage anonymous communication. This opened the option of posting negative, demeaning and threatening content while believing the author was anonymous. The result is an increase in aggressive cyberbullying that is far-reaching.
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NPR radio show - KPBS Midday Edition
Two San Diego child psychologists have written a book, “Teaching Kids to Think,” about how a life filled with instant gratification can produce unintended consequences.

The book by husband and wife Ron Stolberg and Darlene Sweetland was released last month.

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